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Inchmartine Restorations was my initial business name, changed recently in 2010 when I moved from Inchmartine House to the Rait Antique Centre to Carse Antiques & Restorations. Inchmartine Restorations was formed in 1990 by myself at the age of 20 after spending several years both working for my father (C. S. Moreton Antiques) and then working as a cabinet maker for Andwells Antiques in Hartley Witney (now no longer in business). I spent 2 1/2 years working at Andwells and gained valuable experience working on average 60 hours per week. I also spent some time working with a renowned antiques restorer by the name of Don Wright who has spent his whole life as a restorer and someone I look up to with the utmost respect and admiration. The restoration business soon took off and it wasn't long before I was dealing in mainly period antique furniture as well as restoring it. It was also not long before I was recognized by BAFRA (British Antique Restorers Association) for my outstanding work and invited to become a member. After years of vigorous vetting I was accepted as a full member of BAFRA. Since 1990 Inchmartine Restorations has flourished into one of the most respected antique restoration firms in Scotland now to be continued under the new name. The firm is also renowned for selling good Georgian furniture and effects at very competitive prices with customers returning many times.

In 1995 I also started another new business Inchmartine Tool Bazaar selling antique and old woodworking tools for both collectors but mainly craftsman. I now hold one of the largest stocks of pre-owned woodworking tools in the whole of the UK and have one of the busiest tools web sites in the whole world. http://www.toolbazaar.co.uk The tools business is now also based in the shop at the Rait Antique Centre with most of the vast range of tools I offer situated there.

Tel +44 (0)1821 670770
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Carse Antiques And Restorations, The Mill Room, Rait Antique Centre, Rait. Perthshire. PH2 7RT -
Tel: +44 (0)1821 670770 - Mobile 07734 345652